Friday, March 8, 2013

Best Burger In Town

     Yesterday night I got a call from a friend, he told me that his girlfriend’s car was in fire; she was around the cheras area. I immediately got into my car and head to cheras and look for her. Thank god she was able to come out from the car, and the fire truck, highway service team were already there helping.

          So this was it, the car is only covered by third party insurance, hence not claimable. It is just too bad, many were saying the cause of the fire was caused my engine wiring short circuit. They might be right; her car was an old car (ancient vehicle).

Surely takes time to repair


          However, this is not the story I want to tell. I want to share with my reader the best roadside burger in town. I saw him selling burger long time ago, back in 2001 if I am not mistaken.

          The burger he made is just so delicious and juicy, I am sure everyone who had tried it would crave for more. Even my wife Lee Kian does that too. Yesterday was late night, about 11.30pm, after the tow truck came and towed the car of my friend, I went to the burger stall and placed the order. At first, I was thinking it was already late, my wife should be sleeping, but I decided to call her and asked whether she would want too. I could imagine her eyes sparkling when I asked her, so I ordered 2 burgers (ayam special).

          The burger’s presentation is not as good as those fast food chained restaurants, but it is far more delicious than them. The burger bread tops with mayonnaise, lettuces, onions and chili sauce, then filled with burger meat covered with an egg. The boss cuts the meat into half from its side, to marinate the meat with chili powder, so that it tastes nicer than the others.

          Try it, you will love it and crave for more.

Working til 3am, and people are keep coming

He and his brothers

Doesn't look nice, but taste damn delicious!

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