Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Nicotine Inside Me

     I smoked, and the nicotine stays inside me. Now whenever I feel stressed, especially my mind, it will tell me to look for a cigarette. Damn it, if I am to tell you, don’t ever smoke, you will get addicted to it.

     The reason why I tried smoking was because; I wanted to know how it is feeling like. I did smoke because it is the only “legal” in here, though it is harmful to body, and to the environment.

     The moment i sucked in the cigarette, I could feel my mind refreshed, it is true. I was so relief in my mind, like everything else wasn’t bothering me for awhile.

     That’s why people can’t stop smoking, and so addicted to it. It became a habit instead of an addiction; and the government also takes it wrongly, to make it becomes part of its income by putting more & more tax to it whenever it shorts of money to spend. Gosh, I feel like smoking, damn me.

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