Friday, July 4, 2014

180 days in a New Company

I always like to ask myself: what if I am still in the old company? I can’t imagine. I have 9 years working experience, my profile is very nice and typical, and this is my 3rd company working with.

They were extremely shocked when I told my colleague, I’ve been with my ex-company for 7 years (to be exact, it’s 6 ½ years). Their first impression was: how can you work for so long?! I was shocked too, I murmured, how could you work so short?

I ain’t a job hopper, while others like to say your pay will only increase when you hop, or else you forever stay at that level. Well, maybe they are right, but for me, there are something as important as the salary, happiness, self esteem, personal growth and etc.

180 days in a new company, it isn’t a long period. I am growing rapidly. With working experience, I’m not aggressive, but humble and calm. However, until now I still have not given my 100% output as I have not fully mastered what I am doing now.

The people here are extremely great! The culture as good as previous one, luckily (or else I wouldn’t work for a company for 7 years). I am grateful to the person who shortlisted me interviewed me and gave me a chance to join this big family. Frankly speaking, during the first job interview, I didn’t really do a research about the company; I totally change industry from one to another. Until now, I am very thankful to the manager & general manager. Seriously, thank you.

The GM left the company when I joint, and manager who has left too recently. There are still great people in here, newly promoted GM is a very kind and friendly gentleman, knowledgeable, and like to share his thought to me. He is inspiring & influencing, he made me wanting to learn and grow more!

Although it’s been a tough period, but I have to say the journey is fantastic!

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